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                                                From a WW II refugee camp to NYC’s Carnegie Hall"This must be a dream come true?" someone was saying. Well no, actually it’s something I never even thought about, but now it IS keeping me up at night thinking…  According to my mother's diary, I didn't make much noise on the 48-hour journey from Germany to the US as I wasseven weeks old. She was very ill from the trip and unable to nurse me, so I was given water to keep mybelly full. A new life in a new country was the destined path for so many immigrants. There was no extended family support, no imagined work for dad, no finished education to speak of, but plenty of hope and anticipation after living for five years in camps. Fast forward [...]
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My Carnegie Hall Performance

Posted on April 9, 2015 with 0 comments
'I'll bet this is a dream come true for you' someone was saying.....well not really [ as I was saying] because I never imagined in my wildest dreams that performing @ Carnegie Hall was something I might do.
I'm not even sure what I might play. I have looked at the roster of the other pianists that will be performing and even browsed their past experience.
Might this help me to choose what I might play? Perhaps, I 'm not sure be continued....

the stillness in a concert hall

Posted on March 16, 2015 with 0 comments

so still.....
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Looking back on the concert from yesterday I recall many moments of stillness in the audience. I thought to myself, I can hear a pin drop and I said to myself I really like this. Having played professionally in many different...

What exactly is the point?

Posted on March 2, 2015 with 0 comments
I'm thinking about practice and getting better. So I can play some difficult Chopin and Rachmaninoff. Who really cares? Ok, that is a very simple answer. I care and that is of utmost importance to me. There are probably many good reasons and I welcome you to add yours but for starters how about the ability to look into the mind and soul of a composer that lived a couple hundred years ago. What could someone have possibly written then that keeps an artist completely intrigued now 200 hundred years later? I don't really need a concrete answer for the feeling that you share playing music that you love that was written by someone you will never meet....well I call that magic. Thank-you to all the composers that have left a touch of magic from which we all have something to learn.

Stage Pass

Posted on February 22, 2015 with 0 comments
Upon seeing a flyer of mine for an upcoming concert, one of my students half-smiled when he mentioned that as a student of mine he might receive a stage pass to my concert. It's not something at all I could have possibly thought of so now I have to figure out what is best to do with his idea. When we speak of life's true treasures I can see one here.

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