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...thoughts on my music by singer/songwriter Dan May...

Posted on May 17, 2015 with 0 comments
<p>" I'm enjoying listening to your music. Simply amazing. Your sense of melody is so very good and every song I've listened to has touched me in some way.</p>
<p>Your talent is not to be taken lightly. A couple of my favorites are ' A Tender Moment', an absolutely beautiful, melancholy tune but then I'm a sucker for 3/4 and I always prefer minor to major.</p>
<p>I also love " Twins", a very clever composition with the similar movement in the right and left hand which I'm guessing is a reference to the ' Twins" theme.</p>
<p>Loved "Carousel" and " Opal Sunset". All your compositions are so inviting from the first few notes, the initial melody asking you to come and listen to more and happily I did.</p>
<p>Having sung opera for 12 years I had an opportunity to hear a lot of great music but I can honestly say the beauty of your melodies is as good as it gets."</p>
<p>Dan May [ singer/songwriter]</p>