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rada neal: piano

Carnegie Hall Performance

          " Finding the keys to Capture Your Soul "

Thank-you for visiting my site and for taking some time to listen to my music.  Your stories and your experiences [ if you are willing to share] are inspirational to me. Writing music for special occasions is truly priceless. I can do that for you and you can name the piece.

Sign up for my email list and I will send you an mp3 of anyone of my songs you like.

I am easy to reach and love connecting with my fans.  My cd's are out in the universe but my songbooks are  available only by contacting me until I partner with a big time publisher . Do you happen to know one?

" A Brave Journey" Sheet music is free on my buy page.....enjoy!

CARNEGIE HALL CONCERT: Oct. 24, 2015...sponsored by Enlightened Piano Radio [ EPR]...It was a fantastic experience and thank-you to my 15 family and friends that attended!