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rada neal: Music

to a better place

(rada neal)
October 15, 2007
mayan cavallo/rada neal
I asked my friend Mayan if she would write some lyrics so I could write a song in memory of George DeVault. George's brother Jim, was one of my first students and sadly George, took his own life.
Making no judgements and swallowing your pride, you've gone to a spot where you won't have to hide. Now you can rise like the sun, your smile so clear that no one can guess you didn't want to be here. Your presence and your struggle have gone misted over, tears have been wept , boyhood memories still hover. To a better place beyond your lonesome highway. Moving upward, drifitng forward on the angel's byway. Toward a gentler day you wont' be alone now, toward a gentler way you'll be at home now.