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Rada Neal

Rada Neal

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Green Valley's Got Talent 

Hello Green Valley,


Please save the date: Nov. 14, 2022. Rada Neal will be the featured performer this year. Let's fill up this beautiful auditorium! Stayed tuned for notice of start time for the event.

Green Valley's Got Talent 

Happy to share that I have been asked to be the featured performer on Nov. 14, 2022 for the Green Valley's Got Talent concert. It will be fun. Until then I will be practicing:)

Notable 9th  

The year 2021 is bringing in 13 new and original piano pieces written and recorded by Rada Neal. Three of her 13 pieces have been released as singles this year with the final album being available soon. Her pieces' Nostalgia' and ' Still a Memory' also have been formatted with videos of the same title[s] on youtube. Please have a listen and enjoy her reflective sounds.

A Song is Born  

A sister, a niece, a granddaughter, a great-niece....the making of a song. When Milena was born in Feb 2109 my gift was a song. A newborn inspires a lullaby. I debuted the song on FB live in March 2020 then I set out to create the artwork for the single. In my mind I remembered a painting of my niece re-created from a photo when she was around 7-8 years old. There's beauty in seeing the mother of Milena [ Sophia] as she was a young girl. It would be the perfect cover. Step by step the idea un-folds until the single is released in April 2020. Lost in translation ' Mila Moja' is ' my dear'....but the flow and the feeling of those words in Serbian are more poetic.

As Mothers' Day [ 2020] nears I hope that this song will touch the hearts of mothers around the world.

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